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At Boca’s, you eat whatever you want to, whenever you want to. During the day, you will find a large selection of small sandwiches (Boca’s) on our menu. Later in the day and in the evening, there are plateaus with snacks, de tastiest bites, soups & salads. In short, Boca’s offers breakfast, lunch, snacks & drinks (‘borrel’) and then more snacks & drinks. And dancing is also definitely an option!


The tapas at Boca's are really good and tasty! Based on the prices, we ordered many different tapas, expecting to get not that much on the plate as it is often the case in Amsterdam. We were surprised of the quantity of food we got! And it was very good quality, especially the cheese plate and the smoked salmon. Service nice and quick, and really nice atmosphere.

Valerie M

We visited here twice on our trip. The first just for drinks, the second for drinks and lunch and enjoyed it both times. There is a nice relaxed, friendly vibe here which is carried through from the staff, background music and general atmosphere. I’d imagine this place Is pretty lively in the evening! We enjoyed some Delicious Bocas from a good range of available options and a few drinks and would happily have stayed longer if we didn’t have to rush back for our flight. I would definitely recommend passing through here if in the area.

Paul L, London
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One of the most difficult choices in life: deciding on the perfect sandwich for breakfast or lunch.

At Boca’s, you don’t have to choose. You simply order several small sandwiches. A plank with sandwiches. And if you are still hungry after these, well, then you order a couple more. What’s on them? That’s up to you of course.

You can choose from ‘familiar’ and ‘innovative’ sandwiches. From Dutch ‘speculaas’ cookie with butter to beef with chimichurri salsa, from falafel Tzatziki to Manchego with fig compote. You can order by marking whatever you fancy on the paper menu.

In the mornings, we also serve Greek yoghurt with fresh fruit and nuts, scrambled eggs and mini croissants with old cheese and jam.

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Nowadays, the borrel trumps dinner more and more often. Something we can only cheer on.

Going out for a meal often feels like an obligation. Just as you are enjoying a lovely borrel, somebody asks: “What shall we do for dinner?”.

We say: keep on going with the borrel. Because at Boca’s, you can have a borrel without skipping dinner. The late borrel at Boca’s offers more than enough to silence even the biggest ‘foodies’.

Monkfish cheeks, Pita falafel with avocado hummus, Churros with cinnamon sugar, Moroccan Pastilla and so much more. All this refined, flavored and affordable.

Later in the evening, the lights are dimmed and the music is turned up, yes, dancing is definitely and option…

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